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Gaining Clarity on Your Best Next Steps
Living Your Life Purpose Through Your Business
You'll quickly and easily leap forward in your business and your life.
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Here's what clients say! 

Naomi Broomberg
Mindful Living Coach and Personal Stylist

I had no idea what to expect from our initial session. To say she blew my mind from the get-go is an understatement!! 

Unbeknownst to her at the time of our first session I was completely stuck in the direction I needed to go with a new program I was writing. But after 1 hour of working with Serena,  I gained absolute clarity about the direction of my work - for now as well as the rest of my life. She gave me the confidence boost I needed to believe in my gifts and the courage to send it out into the world. 

I wrote my program after applying her guidance and since then have been completely overwhelmed by the positive response I am getting to it.

Serena helps you see what your inherent talents are - and what's more - she clearly shows you how the combination of your gifts are unique to you. This helps you to clearly approach and stay in your lane as a business owner which is so important in today's world of overwhelm.

Serena is so incredibly gifted in connecting with your core strengths in a spiritual way and in the process opens up an entire world of possibility and opportunity.

I will forever be grateful and cannot recommend her enough!

Jordan Duvall
Ignite Your Soul Brand
Brand Strategist & Success Coach

Serena has a true gift. Her “Activating Your Soul Success Genius” program changed so much for me! I saw clear as day what my gifts were and was able to translate them into my life and business. After working together, I had the biggest month in my business ever and it's been growing ever since.

Serena has had a huge role in my growth over the last 5 years using her gifts and skills to help me move through blocks that were holding me back. I highly recommend working with Serena!

Tracy Litt, CPC, RTT 
Certified Mindset Coach
Motivational Speaker

I am endlessly grateful for Serena and the work we did together. It is hard to put the "how" into words, but it was magical. It supported me in creating major fundamental shifts in my energy and the way I was showing up in business. 

Through our work I gained more clarity on myself and was empowered to make new choices, different from how I would operate in the past. It brought me great awareness. And as a result, my calm confidence in my success has increased exponentially, my revenue has increased and my understanding of how to fully align within myself and my business is a super power.

Dr. Deborah Wood-Schade
Sports Chiropractor ∣ Pilates Instructor
Founder, Dragonwood Wisdom and Wellness

After hearing Serena describe her work, I knew intuitively that I needed her help. I wondered for years what was holding me back. Why wasn't I as successful financially as I thought I should be given how happy people were with my services?

Freedom was always a big word for me, something I always craved. Serena uncovered the roadblocks that were built into my being and I feel more freedom to work in a manner consistent with who I am.

She helped me see why and how to change up my business model to give me the freedom I craved and need to be successful. I highly recommend her guidance!

Here are your gifts!