Your Genius Code Unleashed!

Align with Success, Purpose, Prosperity


                ↑ Emotional Intelligence
                ↑ Authenticity
                ↑ Self-Confidence
                ↑ Self-awareness
                ↑ Collaborative Ability

All of this translates into greater job satisfaction, the ability to make the best choices for yourself and your team, and the advantage of being aligned to your greatest Powers. You'll be more engaged with your work, enjoy greater satisfaction and productivity. At the same time, companies relish higher retention rates and more effective teams.

Aligning with your Genius Code puts you on the easiest path of abundance and prosperity.  And of course, all these benefits apply to your personal life as well, making relationships and communication easier.

Unlock your Genius Code!

It's the map of your Core Powers, what makes you best at what you do, and also how to use those Core Powers most effectively. IMAGINE being clear on what your highest and most fulfilling contributions are, how you can best approach your work for greater success and the easiest path to prosperity and impact.

All of that is possible when you unleash the full potential of your Genius Code! Wouldn't you like to enjoy greater success while expending less time, effort and money? It's all possible!

Are you ready to take a leap to a whole, new level?

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You deserve to have the life, the career, the business you desire, don't you?

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Executive Business Coaching

Want to be more effective, productive and satisfied in your personal or professional life?

You’ll know more about your gifts, your authentic self, how you best function and what business environment works best for you. You’ll be freed from restraints and be able to leverage your natural gifts and style for greater impact. Are YOU ready to take the leap?

Team Dynamics Consulting

How would like your team to be engaged, effective and collaborative? The first step is to get each team member aware and in sync with their own gifts and their ability to express them.   Then, through group work, the team comes to understand and to value each person’s unique, authentic contribution as well as personal style. As a result, your team enjoys greater rapport, engagement, and productivity.

Business Optimization

How would you like to know exactly how to optimize your business to align with your highest financial flow? It all starts with a business audit where you’ll find out exactly where your business is misaligned to your financial goals. The difficulties are hidden in the nooks and crannies, the secret places that are keeping you from your targets. When the optimization is complete, you’ll know exactly where and how to make changes.

Complimentary Consult Call

What Clients Say

I am endlessly grateful for Serena and the work we did together. It is hard to put the “how” into words, but it was magical. It supported me in creating major fundamental shifts in my energy and the way I was showing up in business.

Through our work, I gained more clarity on myself and was empowered to make new choices, different from how I would operate in the past. It brought me great awareness. And as a result, my calm confidence in my success has increased exponentially, my revenue has increased and my understanding of how to fully align within myself and my business is a super power.
Thank you Serena!

Tracy Litt, “The Litt Factor”

After hearing Serena describe her work, I knew intuitively that I needed her help. I had wondered for years what was holding me back. Why wasn’t I as successful financially as I thought I should be given how happy people were with my services.

Serena helped uncover the roadblocks that were built into my being and I feel more freedom to work in a manner consistent with who I am. Freedom for me was always a big word, something I always craved.  Serena helped me see why and how to change up my business model to give me the freedom I craved and need to be successful. I would highly recommend her guidance!

Dr. Deb Wood-Schade, “Dragonwood Wisdom and Wellness”

Serena has a true gift. Her Genius Code program changed so much for me! I saw clear as day what my gifts were an was able to translate them into my life and business. After working together I had the biggest month in my business ever and it’s been growing ever since.

Serena has had a huge role in my growth over the last 5 years using her gifts and skills to help me move through blocks that were holding me back. I highly recommend working with Serena!

Jordan Duvall, “Ignite Your Soul Brand”

Wow. I was blown away. Until I met Serena, I had never heard of the process of unlocking my Core Powers and living my purpose through my Genius Code.

Now, I am able to make new and clear choices that I feel will catapult my personal and professional life to new heights of success. It was so worth it to do this work.

Thank-you, Serena. Aligning with my Genius Code has changed my life for the better and I feel I am in the flow.

Christina Martel, Owner/Broker, “The Martel Insurance Alliance”

Serena is able to assess where business leaders are stuck, both personally & in their business, and guide each person through their journey to align & optimize their business flow. She has proven her powerful techniques to me personally.  Reach out to hire Serena if you or your business is stuck and you want to optimize your performance!

Hass M Sadeghi, Esq, MDR, Relational Alchemist / Lawyoracle

When I worked with Serena about my business, I was able to relax knowing that I was on track with my services, pricing, and offeringsI loved receiving direct feedback from an objective observer.

Knowing that I had unbiased, but intuitive, advice, I could relax and focus on moving forward. I now feel confident, secure and sound in my business structure.

I would highly recommend working with Serena on optimizing your business,  especially if you are developing a new service or product or if you are not having the results you want.

Leisa Reid, “Get Speaking Gigs Now”

I felt blocked and couldn’t really figure out why. I just kept feeling drained and like lashing out/breaking down was becoming a norm for me.

Serena is a Miracle worker. Wow! I am amazed at how much my life has blossomed since our work together. I am recharged and enjoying life again. My creativity and writing are flowing and I feel literally lighter.  Thank you, Serena

Melissa Palmer, Fairfield, IA

Serena N. Curran, MBA

I'm Serena, and beside an MBA from Babson College, I have 25 years international experience as a transformational coach and advisor, as a serial entrepreneur and as a corporate manager and employee, I've been exactly where you are today. You are ready to jump to the next level, you're ready to upgrade your experiences, you'd like to express your full potential.

You might not know what is holding you back or how to take that leap forward but I'm here to help you breakthrough like I have so many others. When you know and value your own unique Genius Code, your Core Powers, you'll be free to use them fully in the most effective way.

You'll have increased emotional intelligence and authenticity, both key factors in success. You'll have clarity on the right jobs, opportunities and how to best perform in them.  You'll take a big leap to a new level and have endless possibilities available to you!

Whether it's your personal life, your career, your team or your business that needs a boost, I'm here to help!