Serena Curran, MBA empowers service-based entrepreneurs to quickly produce greater income, impact and growth in their businesses. Through harnessing their Success Archetypes, clients report experiencing immediate results:  promptly doubling income, receiving synchronistic opportunities, changing strategy and/or business model resulting in earning more money with less effort.

Serena is an Intuitive Business Mentor and Akashic Expert with 25 years International experience. She brings a broad background to the table including careers as a Scientist, a Businesswoman, Serial Entrepreneur, Trainer, Salesperson, Manager, Coach, Spiritual Teacher and much more. She holds an MBA from Babson College in Wellesley, MA as well as a BA and MS in Chemistry.

Serena has lived a gypsy life, traveling in the US and Europe as well as living and working abroad. She’s been delighted to live in some of the most beautiful places in the world including Paris, France, Vienna, Austria as well as Kauai, Hawaii, Boulder, CO and Sedona, AZ

She has been a privileged speaker for the Esoteric Society at the United Nations in Vienna, Austria, the American Women’s Association of Vienna, the International Women’s Club of the Riviera in France, Healthwise of Paris in France, among others. 

Serena is sought after, with a reputation for unearthing hidden talents, aligning clients with their best possibilities through their Success Archetypes and creating outstanding results. At the same time, she excels at clearing client's path and guiding them to create lives and businesses of meaning, purpose, and abundance.

Her clients say that coming away with a Success Map is priceless. And Serena agrees that it’s like having a Treasure Map, an invaluable tool for decision making in both your business and your life. It leads the way to the quickest, easiest and most productive path for reaching your goals and for running your business. She is known for her caring, supportive, direct approach and her big smile.

“With my unique, intuitive and powerful coaching process, you’ll get clear and concise information about your Power and Performance Success Archetypes.  You’ll be rid of repetitive patterns and hidden saboteurs. You'll receive actionable empowerment, confidence in your capacities (Soul Confidence) and immediate results that helps you to accelerate your business success and align your business with your Purpose. And you'll come away with a Success Map that that’ll keep you aligned to your authentic powers and path.”