Serena N. Curran, MBA

With over 25 years experience, Serena Curran is internationally known for her transformational coaching and consulting. She is sought after, with a reputation for unearthing hidden talents, aligning clients with their best possibilities and creating outstanding results. At the same time, she excels at clearing client's path and guiding them to create lives, work, and businesses of meaning, purpose, and abundance.

As an Executive Business Coach and Team Dynamics Consultant with Aligned Advantage, Serena has worked with clients worldwide who are entrepreneurs, small business owners, managers and CEOs, across a variety of industries.

“With my unique, intuitive and powerful coaching process, you’ll get clear and concise information about your authentic talents and strengths and what key behaviors are keeping you from expressing them fully.  You’ll be rid of repetitive patterns and hidden saboteurs. Then, you’ll get direction about areas of development and concrete steps you can take right away. You’ll have the advantage of being aligned to your own Genius Code where your highest potential resides.”

As a result of working with Serena, you and your teams will be more effective, increase your emotional intelligence and be more productive. Your ability to collaborate, to create new results and your sense of ease will increase. You will experience deep, powerful and meaningful positive changes through a process that delivers on its promise

Serena brings a breadth of experience to the table. She's had careers as a scientist, a businesswoman, entrepreneur, trainer, salesperson, manager, coach and consultant and much more. She holds an MBA from Babson College in Wellesley, MA as well as a BA and MS in Chemistry. She’s traveled extensively, living and working abroad.

She has been a privileged speaker for the Esoteric Society at the United Nations in Vienna, Austria, the American Women’s Association of Vienna, the International Women’s Club of the Riviera in France, Healthwise of Paris in France, among others. 

She is known for her caring, supportive, direct approach and her big smile. When you work with Serena, you and your team will be aligned with your Genius Zone where abundance, achievement, and fulfillment naturally flow. It’s a new, unique and powerful way of living and doing business.


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