Team Dynamics Consulting


Working with your team begins with working individually with team members to align them with their Core Powers and their Aligned Operating Style.

Each team member has 2 sessions held by telephone and then an additional individual session in person to add clarity to their understandings. This is followed by a 3-hour Team Workshop in which team members come to an understanding of each other's Core Powers and Aligned Operating Style and how they can best work together to achieve team goals. This allows every member of the team to value other members, to bring their A-game to work and to collaborate more effectively.

As you know, individual performance is the foundation of any business, of any team, of any successful endeavor.

Individual Sessions

In the Core Power Alignment, you will discover and get a clear description of your Genius Code Powers as well as information and clearing of any malware interfering with your success. You will learn how to apply your Core Powers in a business setting. This is usually a 45 to 60-minute call, with a written report, recording of the session as well as steps to take to use your full potential.

This is followed by revealing your Aligned Operating Style, giving you detailed information on the best way for you to use your Core Powers. This saves time, money and effort in accomplishing your goals. You'll get a report on how well you are aligned with your Genius Code and recommendations on next steps. 45 to 60-minute call with a written report, recording of the session and additional guidance on applying your Operating Style to your current circumstances.

The third session is held in person and is a tool for integrating and understanding your Core Powers and Operating Style. It's a time to further discuss concrete applications, to answer questions and to prepare you for the Team Workshop.

Team Workshop

This is a 3-hour session in which team members have the opportunity to understand and value each other's contributions. It is also a vehicle for determining how to best fulfill your role on the team.  Each team member receives a pie chart illustration of their own Core Powers as well as a further analysis of their Operating System. The workshop is interactive and gives team members the opportunity to share and discuss with each other how they can make their best contributions to the team, to their goals and to the company.

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